Keynote Speakers



Given our deep work and expertise globally, members of our team are often called to share their insights on topics like strategy, innovation, team motivation, leadership, disruption, and thriving in turbulence. Speakers who talk with authenticity about their own work and lived experiences.

The Strategists provide a wide range of keynote speakers each with their own experiences, expertise, and industries in varying markets. Given this, we can create a customized speaker series or align you to a specific speaker so that the speakers are curated to your strategy and context.

Our deep work in the heart of organisations means that we don’t just provide speakers but ensure that there is thought and methodology behind the rationale for suggesting speakers. We also use our insights to guide teams on the alignment of speakers, the design of your conference or event as well as the special touches that make your event or conference move from good to great.

Our global network gives us the opportunity to curate speakers from across the world.

What is the process?

What is the outcome?