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Business Process Outsourcing Section

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Business Process Outsourcing Section

Are you looking to outsource because you want your business to focus on your long–term goals? Then Business Process Outsourcing team can help to achieve your vision. Winfield provides many different services that can help you stay focused on your goals while maintaining excellent customer support. BPO is the practice of contracting the services, business-related operations, or work processes of an external, third-party vendor. Our BPO services cover the following

Front-Office BPO – This refers to our customer-facing services, including tech support, customer service, sales, and marketing. These services are frequently outsourced due to technical knowledge requirements and can be accomplished off-premises. By outsourcing web development, customer support lines, or any front office services, businesses can benefit from our specialized talent with unique knowledge and cut costs.

Back-Office BPO – Back-office business process outsourcing involves contracting services that are not customer-facing. These services include IT, accounting, business process automation, human resources, quality assurance,IT analysts, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO), such as paralegals or advisors. By outsourcing these tasks, businesses can focus on their core mission rather than engaging in time-consuming and expensive internal training and onboarding.

Offshore BPO – Offshoring occurs when services are outsourced overseas. Zimbabwe is a good source of labour for offshore services because of the available unemployed resources, political stability, the high literacy levels . lower labor costs, various tax savings, and more. A common example is companies outsourcing their customer service departments by contracting with our call center team. As result, businesses can access qualified labor and services at a lower rate, which helps reduce overhead costs, and potentially lower product or service prices for the end-user.

Outsource your call center entirely or during peak hours to reduce waiting time and dropped calls and increase conversion.

Your support requires scaling, multi-languages, 24/7 coverage. We’ve got your back.

Outsource your IT support to reduce costs and facilitate growth

Hire our sales agents to push volumes of new products or to penetrate new markets or for the sheer drive for growth.

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